Post High School Scholarships

Who is eligible?
For scholarships, academic achievement will be considered, but we are especially looking for students who have made significant contributions in their family, neighborhood, school or community despite poverty, disability or other personal hardship. Post high school scholarships are generally awarded to students who will be attending Madison Area Technical College.

Who may nominate a student for a post hight school scholarship?
Teachers and/or counselors must submit the application on behalf of a student or students. Students may not submit an application on their own behalf. Please submit only one form per applicant.

Is there a deadline for applications? 
Post high school scholarship nominations must be returned by April 2nd.

When will applicants be notified of a decision?
Post high school scholarship applicants will be selected and notified by the end of May.

Who presents the scholarship award?
A letter is sent to the nominator and the recipient and the post high school scholarship is presented at an awards ceremony.

How can I nominate a child?
Simply click here to access our online nomination form.