Rubin for Kids was organized in 1995 to continue and honor the legacy and vital work of Peter Rubin, assistant Juvenile Public Defender. Peter was a longtime community advocate committed to improving the lives of youth and families in the Madison area. He believed that a caring and consistent adult could immeasurable enhance a child’s chances for success. 

The Rubin for Kids Approach is Unique

Rubin for Kids is a nonprofit organization devoted to recognizing and rewarding achievement of Dane County youth. Scholarships and awards are devoted to recognizing and rewarding the achievement of personal goals at school, at home, or in the community. In this sense, our programs are both achievement-centered, and need-based. We uphold the belief that a key to success for children is positive interaction with adults. Our awards reinforce existing relationships with significant adults in the child’s life.  Rubin for Kids has no paid staff members but many hands together make this work possible - to learn more about how you can help, click here!


Emeritus Board Members

David Baskerville

Jay Everard

Judge Gerald C Nichol (ret)

Judge Mike Nowakowski (ret)



Committee Members

Jared Dillenburg - Grant Committee

Kari Petre - Small Achievement Award Committee



Current Board

Greg Banks - Fundraising Committee

Peter Buss - Treasurer

Rick Friday -  Fundraising Committee

John Harmelink -  Fundraising Committee

Jon Helland -  Scholarship Award Committee

Judy Levine - Secretary

Dennis McClain - Board member

Nathan Otis - Mentors

Dexter Patterson - Communications

Aronn Peterson - Community Engagement

Michael Restaino - Fundraising Committee

Barbara Rubin - Small Achievement Awards Committee

James Rubin - President

Randy Sproule - Scholarship Award Committee