Donate Now - Every dollar goes to help kids.  

This work is made possible by the generosity of community contributions.  Rubin for Kids has almost no administrative costs and your donations will help us reward more young people that are achieving despite many overwhelming obstacles. We are set up as a nonprofit corporation and donations are tax deductible. We have access to deserving kids through the teachers and school social workers as well as the Dane County juvenile justice system. 


Each tax deductible donation can help to provide

$200 Mattress to provide sleep filled nights

$250 Behind the wheel driver education classes

$2000 Scholarship to Madison College

$20 After School Dance Lessons

$100 Camping experience with school group

$120 State Exam to become Certified Nursing Assistant


Rubin for Kids would like to extend a very special thank you to the Bek-Gran/Hovind Children’s Fund for their ongoing support.  

If you would prefer to donate by mail - make checks payable to Rubin for Kids (PO Box 1405 - Madison, WI 53701)