Rubin for Kids is a nonprofit devoted to recognizing and rewarding the achievement of personal goals at school, at home, or in the community. In this sense, the program is both achievement-centered, and need-based. We distribute Post High School Scholarships and Youth Achievement Awards to youth and young adults in Dane County, WI. Not only are we a 100% volunteer based organization but since there are almost no administrative costs, every dollar contributed goes to help a deserving area youth.


This Month's Spotlight - Scholar

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Chynna Mcnair

Besides going to school, what do you do?

I work with kids at MSCR. I help students who struggle in math and literacy and try to find fun ways to help them master the material.


What are your future dreams and goals?

My goal is to be a successful student, graduate, and get a job that I enjoy. I want to work at a job where I can support kids who struggle and show them that with the right path and mindset you can make it. The quote “choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” is 100% possible and is what I hope to achieve.


What activity did Rubin for Kids help you to do?  What did you learn from doing it? 

Rubin for Kids gave me a scholarship to attend Madison College. This is helping me pay for classes, which will allow me to reach my goals.


How has Rubin for Kids helped you to move closer to achieving your dreams and goals?

Rubin for Kids has helped me to continue school.  I was worried about the financial aspect of college. Rubin for Kids helped me focus on school and studying instead of working constantly to pay tuition.


How would your life be different if Rubin for Kids were never a part of it?

If Rubin for Kids never helped me, it would have been difficult for me to continue my education past high school. I would have been stressing a lot over debt. I would be in a completely different and less positive mindset than I am now. 


What is your favorite thing to do outside of work and/or school?

I like to help out with my family. It has been a tough year as my great grandpa moved into my home after my great grandma died. I am trying to help him with this transition and make him as comfortable as possible.


How would you encourage others to achieve their dreams and goals?

I would tell them to dream big and make little goals along the way to achieve the big dream. Once you get there you’ll never feel a better feeling. No dream is too big!