April 2018

April 2018

Acheivement Awards

Date | Amount |Award Received

04/04| $110.00| For AP psychology test

04/04 |$220.00|To take 2 AP exams

04/04|$250.00 |Summer Membership at the Prairie Athletic Club

04/04|$250.00 |Offset part of cost of drivers education

04/06|$250.00|New clothing and shoes since he lost most of his belongings in a house fire

04/09|$250.00|3 months gymnastics classes

04/09|$360.00|30 students to visit Geek Mania to foster Cooperation, connecting to curriculum, and youth culture interests

04/09|$200.00|Soccer team fees

04/10|$250.00|Help cover costs Summer Oregon Shadow Drum and Bugle corps 

04/10|$200.00|Enrollment deposit for Alabama State University

04/15|$217.50|2 months of gymnastics

04/15|$125.00|Online Driver's education course at

04/15|$249.00|3 months of martial arts and uniform

04/19|$250.00|Participation UW Badgers Basketball Sports Camp

04/19|$240.00|Filing for name change at clerk of courts, and publication of the Notice and Order for Name Change Hearing form.

04/19|$67.75|Child bus passes for the rest of the year so he can continue to attend Glendale and grow with his reading!

04/19|$250.00|Participating in the National Under Armour Baseball Factory League Omaha training and competition.

04/22|$84.00|2 week as of basketball camp over the summer  City of Sun Prairie.

04/25|$246.00|Clothing rental for prom

04/25|$195.00|Tuition and fees to attend "Making the Cut" prerequisite class for the Cosmetology Program at Madison College. 

04/25|$150.00|Partial payment for driver’s education class

04/25|$250.00|Partial cost of drivers ed classes

04/27|$130.00|10 sessions Kids Development Camp OT/PT/Speech through Upland Hills Health

04/27|$156.00|Family pass and swim lessons to the Aquatic Center in Sun Prairie.

04/27|$250.00|Attend the UW-Madison Summer Music Clinic in June.

04/27|$250.00|Attend the UW-Madison Summer Music Clinic this summer.

04/29|$250.00|"Feisty and Fit" Intervention Program

04/29|$195.00|Tuition/fees to attend "Making the Cut", prerequisite class for the Cosmetology Program at Madison College

Total Amount:$5895.25

 May 2018

May 2018

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 June 2018

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